10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Pregnant Woman

Whether you've been pregnant yourself, or know someone who has been, people say some truly terrible things to women who are showing! We don't want you to be caught without the perfect retort, so here are the top 10 things people say without thinking, and 3 sassy responses to chose from to make said rude people feel extremely uncomfortable in return!

1. You're ballooning up nicely.

A: Thanks, so are you.

B: Thanks, just ate a big lunch.

C: Yep, haven't pooped in 3 months!

2. You look exhausted!!

A: Yea, crazy happy hour at the bar last night.

B: Growing a human is tough work.

C: This look is really in this season.

3. You really shouldn't ______.

A: Where'd you get your degree... WebMD?

B: Here, you want to carry this for me?

C: Oh so you're the omniscient being I've been waiting for, I have so many questions!

4. Was it planned or a...surprise?

A: Was what planned?  Do you know something I don't?

B: The baby was, the stretch marks were not.

C: Why do you ask?

5. You are going to breastfeed, right?

A: Want to come to my house to help?

B: Wait! Babies need to eat?

C: I can't, I'm a man.

6. Your boobs are huge!

A: Thanks, implants are great.

B: Gotta earn those dollar bills somehow.

C: Thanks, borrowed them from a friend.

7. ~Rubbing belly without asking~

A: Ok, now my turn.

B: "STRANGER!" (Run in the opposite direction)

C: I'm sorry, I can't grant you three wishes.

8.  What are you having?

A: A baby.

B: We're hoping for a unicorn.

C: For lunch?

9. Are you going to have a natural birth?

A: Nope, planning on a fake baby.

B: Yes, would you like to join? 

C: Nah... think I'll keep it inside for awhile.

10. What are you going to name it?

A: What's your name?

B: First of all, it's not an it.

C: It.

Everyone puts their foot in their mouth sometimes, so now you can educate one of these poor souls on how to use that appendage correctly!

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