5 Summer Fashion Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Come July the temps are high and the sun is relentless and so begins the makeup running and hair sweating. So save yourself from becoming a hot mess and check out our five tips for staying comfortable and cute in the sun. 

1. Cover your shoulders

The heat of the sun inspires many of us to go sleeveless, but those sleeves could save your shoulders from peeling tomorrow! Choose a cute t-shirt dress made of a light-weight, cotton fabric.

2. Shade your face

A floppy hat can double as a major fashion statement as well as protect your face from the harsh sun rays.

3. Protect your feet

While sandals and flip flops are tempting, but open shoes mean dirty, sunburnt hot feet. (Gross, but true). Instead, try some comfy, cute summer sneakers

4. Layer your tops

Pair a light-weight cardigan with your favorite tank to make a seamless transition from outdoor heat to indoor air-conditioning. Choose a sheer, drapey piece so you can feel that glorious, cooling breeze. 

5. Wear a bralette

It's time to put away the padded bras (unless you like boob sweat) and swap them for a light, lace bralette! A bralette is basically a crop top that doubles as a bra so that eliminates an extra layer weighing you down in the heat. 

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