There's a freshly renovated corner of the GVM Food Court that's bursting with bright colors, exploding flavors and the aroma of freshly-made waffle cones. 

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Appropriately named Crave Snack Bar, this new restaurant opened last month next to Bob's Pizza.  Owners Blaine and Katie Pederson have always been entrepreneurs at heart.  From being raised among family startups, to owning Espresso To Go coffee kiosks, it's no surprise that they jumped on the opportunity to expand at GVM. 

For Blaine and Katie, the name of the game isn't only ice cream and snacks; it's also family.  “Being able to have our kids with us, that's something we really enjoy. And we love to see other families sit down, eat, and share (or not share) their ice cream,” Blaine laughs.

If you follow Crave on social media, it's clear to see. There you’ll find photos of their grinning toddler tasting the newest ice cream flavor or a picture of their latest espresso combination with the hashtag #DigWhatYouDo.  Inspired by the song "The Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern" by Todd Snider,  #DigWhatYouDo has become the Pederson's mantra.  The song recalls the singer’s days when he played in a country bar for a lady who “gave away more than she ever sold” but was always happy, got by just fine, and loved what she did. And the Pederson’s have been doing just that.  

Featuring locally-sourced products, the ever-expanding menu at Crave includes more than just ice cream and espresso concoctions. Choose from their made-to-order breakfast burritos and sandwiches, baked goods, fruit, snacks, popcorn and more. Or create your own specialty beverage from their 'secret menu'- perhaps an Affogato (espresso and ice cream) or a fruity jolt of energy with a Redbull Italian Soda.

With a passion for people and a family-focus, Crave and the Pedersons are truly #DiggingWhatTheyDo.