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Ice Cream Dipper

Crave is currently offering ~30 hrs/week and seeking Weekend, Afternoon and Evening shifts. They're a growing company and are looking for people that want to grow with them. Tyey need someone who is a self-starter, takes pride, and ownership in their work. They've got a true passion for putting out the best product. It is a really fun and energetic place to work. 

A couple questions you may have....
Do I have to have coffee experience?
-Not necessarily, but it certainly will help
Do I have to be a generally cheerful person and present a good attitude?
-Absolutely. What's better than Crave coffee and ice cream? Our customer service. They strive the be the best part of our customers day. Eternal optimists are a great fit. 
Will I have to work weekends?
-Yes, they're open 364 days a year, and 365 days in leap-years. 
How much do you pay?
Pay will depend on experience, but tips usually average an extra $3-5/hour.