Four Fall Beauty Trends Just For You

Feeling the end of summer beauty blues? Gallatin Valley Mall’s newest full service salon - Just For You Salon & Beauty Bar - has the low-down on the top four beauty trends.

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Just For You was born from the pure passion of Makeup Artist and Hair Stylists Jesi Kerr and Jessica Yarnall. The two met as colleagues at a Bozeman salon in 2012. A few years later they each opened their own salons. Jesi started her makeup business, Just For You in memory of her grandmother's jewelry business. Jessica opened All the Things, a full service hair salon. In July, they joined forces to create Just For You Salon & Beauty Bar out of friendship and passion.

These talented ladies filled us in on Instagram-worth trends that define the season and the wide variety of offerings at their salon:

Bold Brow Love

Goodbye razor thin brows of the ‘90s, the bold brows of the ‘80s are back! Jesi is one of few specialists in Bozeman to use threading to shape and design brows. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that involves only thread- twisted and manipulated to quickly remove unwanted facial hair. Similar to waxing, threading removes the hair from the root, but doesn't take any skin. Along with bold brows, gush-worthy brows are now also darker and more filled-in. Just For You offers brow tinting to achieve this effect. They use a natural vegetable based tint that lasts three to six weeks and has a more natural look.

Go Ombre or Go Home

Ombre and Sombre (“soft-ombre”) hair coloring is a french-inspired hair trend that has taken the world by storm. It’s good news for blondes and brunettes- with fall around the corner, ombre and sombre hair trends make it possible to keep both light and dark colors! Jessica has you covered, she’s Redken Dual certified in color and cut.

Lashes for Days

Are you tired of blonde or short lashes? Join the club! Just For You offers lash extensions and tinting to give you the dark, long lashes that dreams are made of!  Lash tinting is a hypoallergenic, no muss, no fuss alternative to mascara that lasts three to six weeks. Intensive Brand Tint, used at Just For You, is gentle and won't harm your eyes. This luxurious treatment is quickly becoming a woman’s necessity!

Leave the Drama to the Makeup

If Fashion Week has taught every woman in America one thing, it’s that dramatic eye makeup is in and as bold as ever. Just For You has a variety of makeup application techniques including airbrush starting at just $40. They also offer bridal packages for onsite and in-store application. Licensed esthetician, Jesi, uses professional and prestige makeup to create impactful looks that last.

Whether you’re looking for Meghan Markle level brows or larger than life lashes, look no further than ‘the Jessicas’ at Just For You, they truly believe in “getting the perfect look that is Just For You.”