get festive.

Holiday Guest Vendors

Enjoy local vendors and hand-made products from Holiday Guest Vendors at Gallatin Valley Mall! 

Royal Family Kids Camp
near Sunglass Hut
Nov 20-21, Nov 27-28, Dec 4-5, Dec 11-12, Dec 18-19

near Apricot Lane
Nov 26-27

Sora & Co
near Maurices
Dec 3-4, Dec 15-16

Original Grafters
near GameStop
Dec 3-5, Dec 10-12, Dec 17-20

Cauda Pavonis
near Spencers
Dec 4, Dec 11-12, Dec 18-19, Dec 23-24

Chris Turbuck Art
near Apricot Lane
Dec 4

Bearly Creations
near Riddles
Dec 3-4, Dec 10-11, Dec 17-19

near Spencers
Dec 11-12, Dec 18-24

Heidi's Doll Closet
near Apricot Lane
Dec 11-12

Wampum Wear
near Tradehome
Dec 9, 11-12, Dec 16, 18-19

Red Hen Jam
near Apricot Lane
Dec 18-19

AnH Silvertip
near Tradehome
Dec 18-19, Dec 24

Lazy Daisy Soap
near Claire's
Dec 18-19


If you are interested in applying to become a Guest Vendor, please visit GVM Guest Services or call us at 586-4565.